Melaleuca Sends Cleaning Products to Flood Victims in Michigan

Following catastrophic rain and flash flooding in Michigan’s upper peninsula, Melaleuca delivered several boxes of its cleaning products to help victims in the area. Flooding that began June 16 has damaged hundreds of homes in Menominee and Houghton counties, leaving many families stranded or without shelter.

To assist the regions’ recovery efforts, Melaleuca sent bottles of Sol-U-Mel® 3-in-1 Cleaner, MelaMagic® Heavy-Duty Cleaner, and Sol-U-Guard Botanical® 2x Disinfectant.

Melaleuca National Director 3 Jen Sebbas oversaw the delivery of the products to multiple community centers throughout the region. Sebbas’ hometown of Hancock in Houghton County was among the cities hit hardest by the storm.


“I’ve never seen a deluge like this,” Sebbas says. “The damage is beyond belief. Melaleuca’s timely delivery has been an absolute lifesaver for these communities, and these products made a huge difference in the cleanup process. I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that truly cares about people in need.”

The single storm quickly dumped as much as half a foot of rain in some areas, completely tearing up city streets and resulting in dozens of gaping sinkholes.

Melaleuca has gained a reputation for coming to the rescue and helping when natural disasters strike. For example, The Wellness Company sent a semi-truck full of products to flood victims in Louisiana in 2016, and it provided truckloads of relief supplies to several states throughout the active hurricane season in 2017.

Most recently, Melaleuca delivered boxes full of supplies to help firefighters battle a massive blaze burning outside of Durango, Colorado.