Rescue & Relief

Melaleuca Is There When Disaster Strikes

For nearly two decades, the Melaleuca Foundation has been running to the rescue in times of natural disaster. From tsunamis, hurricanes and floods to tornadoes, earthquakes and wildfire, Melaleuca has responded to major catastrophes all over the world.

Melaleuca quickly mobilizes in times of crisis, donating and delivering truckloads of health and wellness products, food, water and emergency supplies to victims in need.

When Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas in 2017, Melaleuca helped the U.S. Army transport pallets of bottled water to an airfield. From there, the Army airlifted the water to Beaumont, helping thousands of victims who were stranded without clean water. Because many of the victims had gone as much as three days without water, Army soldiers credited Melaleuca with saving lives.

Weeks later, after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Melaleuca’s corporate jet was quickly loaded with 18 generators and 2,000 pounds of food and flown to the island. Because the hurricane had knocked out the airport’s radar instruments and the electrical grid, commercial flights were virtually grounded. Despite having no guidance to help them, Melaleuca’s pilots landed one of the first relief planes at the San Juan Airport after the hurricane.

Melaleuca immediately unloaded the plane and identified the most urgent needs on the island. Our team delivered several generators to hospitals and nursing homes, where they powered air respirators, oxygen machines and medical equipment. A few generators went to elementary schools, enabling children to continue their studies.

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