Saving an Orphanage

Every Child Deserves a Loving Environment Like the Santa Lucia Children's Home

An Orphanage Like No Other

The Santa Lucia Children’s Home in Quito, Ecuador, is unique among the world’s orphanages. There you’ll find no vast dormitories with rows of beds, but small “homes” in which children live as brothers and sisters, and are nurtured by their very own housemother.

The children blossom in a loving, safe environment. They enter with a painful past, and leave with a promising future. Their physical, mental and emotional needs are well provided for. For many of the children, Santa Lucia marks the first time in their lives that their love has been reciprocated.

Santa Lucia has been the signature cause of the Melaleuca Foundation since 2007. Since then, the abused and orphaned children living at the home have been provided with food, medical care, clothing, beds, toys, school supplies and everything else they need—all thanks to your generosity.

Because the Melaleuca Foundation is the sole financial supporter of Santa Lucia, and because the number of children there and cost of their care and well being continue to rise, your donations today mean more than ever.

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