Melaleuca Donates $236,700 in Health and Wellness Products to Strengthen Ukrainian Refugees

Members of Melaleuca of Germany’s management team gathered thousands of Melaleuca products to donate in support of Ukrainians refugees.
Members of Melaleuca of Germany’s management team gathered thousands of Melaleuca products to donate in support of Ukrainians refugees.

In an effort to help thousands of Ukrainian families who are coping with an ongoing war and a humanitarian crisis that has now lasted for four months, Melaleuca of Germany recently made two large donations of its health and wellness products worth a total of $236,705.

The donations were made to Caritas Lithuania and the Ukrainian association Mainz e.V. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, these organizations have often passed relief supplies, money, medicines, and in-kind donations to Criya, a Ukrainian non-profit organization located on the Polish-Ukrainian border. There, depending on the course of the battle and constantly changing humanitarian conditions, supplies are directly sent to the war regions with the help of a vehicle fleet of 30 transporters.

Melaleuca’s product donations to these nonprofits are primarily helping to meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees. Caritas Lithuania, which is closely affiliated with the Catholic Church, is running “collective centers” that help the most vulnerable by providing beds, food, washing facilities, and safe spaces for children. Many refugees are arriving with very few material goods, and often without their spouses, who remain in Ukraine. Caritas is also helping these displaced people transition from temporary shelters into a longer-term living solution, which might consist of figuring out schools for the children and finding work for those who are able.

“Melaleuca’s donation will not only help displaced Ukrainian families who are struggling with basic supplies, but it will also support many children and orphans who have lost so much throughout this senseless and ruthless war,” said Melaleuca CEO Jerry Felton. “This humanitarian assistance is desperately needed by those who have been impacted. It is Melaleuca’s honor to play a small part in alleviating human suffering and restoring hope.” 

In these two product shipments, Melaleuca of Germany donated a variety of personal care products and healthy snack bars to help both Ukrainian refugees as well as individuals who remain inside some of the most devasted cities in the country. The shipments originally were transported to Lithuania before some of the Melaleuca products were then secretly distributed through a volunteer network to Ukrainian citizens inside the war-torn country. 

This is not Melaleuca’s first donation in support of Ukraine. In April 2022, Melaleuca donated $12,000 worth of first aid kits, MelaGel, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, and bandages.

Additionally, Melaleuca led an outreach campaign from Idaho hospitals to secure lifesaving Emergency Room supplies that could not be purchased over the counter. These supplies were safely delivered to a military hospital in Kyiv.

“We support Ukraine in the fight for freedom!” said Melaleuca Executive Chairman Frank VanderSloot at the time. “Melaleuca was honored to donate first aid supplies to support the brave men and women who are defending their homes.”

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