Melaleuca Donates Wellness Products to Ukraine, Rallies Hospitals to Provide Life-Saving Supplies

As Russian forces continue to invade Ukraine soil, refugees are fleeing the country. Many have chosen to remain behind with the belief that they’ll be safer at home than on the streets. And countless others have chosen to defend themselves, their homes and their country. In all cases, they find themselves cut off from sorely needed supplies.

Watching the heart-wrenching devastation, Melaleuca seized an opportunity to provide immediate support to Ukraine. Discovering a way to make an impact and show that Melaleuca values freedom, the company donated over $12,000 worth of Melaleuca products such as first aid kits, MelaGel, Triple Antibiotic Ointment and bandages.

Additionally, Melaleuca led a campaign to secure lifesaving Emergency Room supplies from all of its regional hospitals. There is a desperate need for specialized heathcare supplies that cannot be purchased over the counter. 

“We support Ukraine in the fight for freedom!” said Melaleuca Founder Frank VanderSloot. “Melaleuca was honored to donate first aid supplies to support the brave men and women who are defending their homes.”

Melaleuca donations to Ukrain

The request came from Svitlana Miller, a Melaleuca customer and Idaho Falls, Idaho resident born in the Ukraine, who originally contacted a Melaleuca employee requesting MelaGel for the Ukrainian military. Svitana’s husband, who is a nuclear engineer and U.S. Airman, had been called to duty and would travel to Ukraine. His plane had capacity and authorization to deliver up to 2,000 pounds of aid directly to Ukrainians, but it would leave the next morning. This left precious little time to gather needed supplies.

Each hospital that Melaleuca contacted rapidly responded. Within 90 minutes of Melaleuca’s request, they had delivered essential supplies to the drop-off point.

Melaleuca would like to thank Mountain View Hospital, Idaho Falls Community Hospital, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Intermountain Anesthesia, and Bingham Memorial. Their donations consisted of valuable trauma-grade supplies like suture kits, hospital-grade first aid supplies, surgical equipment, and more. All told, tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of aid came from these caring groups.

“Their response was sincere, immediate, and generous,” Frank said about these healthcare donors. “This is yet another example that demonstrates how our community comes together to do good where good is needed.”

Once the plane landed in Europe, transportation of the supplies was covertly done. Logistical details have been kept top-secret, but Melaleuca did receive intel that all supplies safely made it to Ukraine and were received by a military hospital and families in need. They expressed immense gratitude, saying these “supplies are now being used to help newly wounded soldiers and Ukraine citizens.”

Ukraine Donations organized by Melaleuca