Employee Recognized for Living Melaleuca’s Mission

Melaleuca employee Jordan Jardine accepts the 2015 Melaleuca Spirit Award at the company’s Christmas Celebration on Dec. 15. Left to right: CFO Thomas Knutson, Treasurer John Burden, Jordan Jardine, CEO Frank VanderSloot, and President McKay Christensen.

Melaleuca just recognized an exceptional employee who exemplifies Melaleuca’s mission of enhancing lives. Presented to one employee annually, this year’s Melaleuca Spirit Award was presented to Jordan Jardine, a 15-year employee who strives for excellence in his work and whose service is making a difference to children in need.

When he’s at work, Jordan effectively deals with money. He manages the company’s cash receipts, cash disbursements, and cash investments, which total millions of dollars daily and monthly. His job must be done on time, it must be accurate, and it must be kept confidential.

While his talent is considerable, it’s Jordan’s heart that truly shines. His thoughtfulness was displayed when he offered to help a co-worker who was on medical leave for 10 weeks. He often came in early, worked through lunch, and stayed late. He was able to maintain his own job and complete most of his co-worker’s responsibilities. Nobody ever heard a word of complaint. Without his extra efforts, it would have been impossible to complete all of the work during that time.

In his personal life, Jordan and his wife, Courtney, have provided foster care to a number of children in Southeast Idaho. There are 1,350 children living in foster care in Idaho, and Jordan and Courtney have made a big difference for several of them. For nine years, they have offered a loving home for children in desperate need. They are currently fostering a four-year-old girl and two teenagers, a brother and sister who pleaded with the state of Idaho to remain together.

In addition to caring for children on a short-term basis, they have provided a permanent home for two boys by adopting them into their own family. With their two adopted sons, Jordan and Courtney now have five children of their own. Although the goal of foster care is for children to eventually return to their parents, when that hasn’t been possible, Jordan and Courtney have provided a permanent, stable home.

“Our family has been given much, so we can give back,” Jordan said. “The foster care program has helped our family have a broader perspective about life and a deeper appreciation for what we have. My children have learned they can make a difference too. For example, my older children see the impact they’re having just by becoming friends with the two teenage siblings who recently came to our home. It’s been a wonderful experience for all of us.”

Melaleuca Chief Financial Officer Thomas Knutson is pleased that Jordan was recognized in front of the whole company with this award: “Jordan is outstanding in his personal life, and he continuously exceeds expectations in his professional responsibilities. By opening up his heart and his home, Jordan embodies the Melaleuca mission of enhancing lives and provides a bright example for others to follow.”