Saving the Family Farm: Frank VanderSloot Rescues 800 Farmers

cheese and grapes

This article in Idaho Falls Magazine discusses a little-known experience where Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot rescued hundreds of dairy farmers. Several years ago, two desperate dairymen approached Frank and told him their town’s cheese factory was in danger of closing. If it shut down, more than 100 family-run dairies would have nowhere to send their milk, and more than 800 people would be out of a job. Concerned about a community of farmers in trouble, Frank threw them a $1 million lifeline.

Six months later, however, the dairymen were back in front of Frank with more financial woes. Frank again listened to their plight and pledged to help.

This led Frank to pay another $4 million to save the factory, which kept these milk producers going strong. In the years that followed, Frank worked with the factory, supported the dairies, and ensured their businesses would remain healthy.

“Without Frank VanderSloot, we might have all gone broke,” recalls dairyman Gaylon Claysen. “Frank jumped in solely to help us survive. Because Frank cared about local people, hundreds of families in Southeast Idaho were able to keep their homes and farms and jobs intact.”