Melaleuca Responds to Hurricane Otis with Relief Supplies for Mexico

Mexico Red Cross Employee with Melaleuca Product donations

When Hurricane Otis began to take shape as a tropical storm some 500 miles away from Mexico’s southern shoreline, forecasters doubted whether it would gather enough strength to reach hurricane status. Not only did it reach hurricane status, but in just 24 hours it grew into a record-breaking Category 5 storm that unleashed devastation upon Acapulco, Mexico, and the surrounding areas along Mexico’s Pacific coast. Melaleuca knew the needs of the people would be great, and the company jumped right into a natural disaster action plan.

Melaleuca Supplies Victims with Food and Provisions

Immediately after the hurricane made landfall on Oct. 25, 2023, Melaleuca began determining what it could do to help and quickly compiled a list of Melaleuca products to send to those affected.

After consulting with several non-profit organizations about specific needs, Melaleuca donated 1,000 tubes of Exceed Tooth Polish, 2,000 Gold Bars, 2,000 Koala Kubs Baby Wipes, 2,000 Alloy and Herbal Deodorants, and 100 boxes of Simply Fit Chewy Snack Bars—totaling nearly $36,000 worth of products.

The products were transported from Melaleuca’s Mexico warehouse and donated to the Mexican Red Cross logistical hub in Toluca, Mexico. From there, they were sorted and shipped to Acapulco. The Mexican Red Cross quickly distributed these food and personal hygiene supplies to those most in need.

Mexican Red Cross officials said they appreciate Melaleuca’s generosity in working together to alleviate human suffering after Hurricane Otis, emphasizing that these wellness products have provided relief to thousands of people who are undergoing a time of crisis. They have been impressed by Melaleuca’s spirit of charity.

Israel Palafox, Melaleuca Vice President of Coaching & Leadership Development, and Gustavo Mirabal, Melaleuca of Mexico’s Operations Director, coordinated with the relief agency to quickly complete this donation.

“I was thankful that Melaleuca reached out and helped those in dire need and became part of a collective force that transcends borders and limits,” said Mirabal. “This experience reminds me that our humanitarian efforts strengthen us and allow us to build a better society.”

Melaleuca Employee with Melaleuca product donations
Melaleuca’s Gustavo Mirabal stands next to pallets of Melaleuca products for the Mexican Red Cross.

This is the second time that Melaleuca has worked with the Mexican Red Cross. In September 2017, two separate earthquakes (magnitudes 7.1 and 8.1) were felt across southern Mexico and in Mexico City respectively.

To provide humanitarian aid, Melaleuca immediately opened its Mexico warehouse and donated thousands of personal care and cleaning products to the Mexican Red Cross.

Natural Disaster

The Future

Hurricane Otis was the strongest storm to strike the Pacific coast of Mexico and the second fastest-growing hurricane in the East Pacific, exceeded only by Hurricane Patricia in 2015.

Hurricane Otis not only took forecasters by surprise but also reminded the world that we are still far from perfect in predicting how hurricanes might behave. Whatever nature brings and however it may affect us, Melaleuca will be there to support the relief and reconstruction efforts.