Melaleuca Helps Idaho State Police Improve Fitness Testing

Police officers standing beside rowing machine donated by Melaleuca

Melaleuca is transforming the way our heroes in blue test for physical fitness by gifting rowing machines to the Idaho State Police (ISP). The donation comes as innovative police departments around the country are pioneering a new fitness test allowing for a 2,000 meter row instead of a 1.5 mile run and a variety of strength-training exercises. 

When ISP Lieutenant Craig Moulton learned that other states are implementing a rowing alternative for fitness testing, he was certain his troopers would benefit from such a program. He pitched the idea to top brass and received their approval to pilot a rowing option with officers in eastern Idaho. 

Even with the green light from ISP commander Col. Kedrick Wills, Lt. Moulton still faced the task of obtaining the expensive equipment. Fortunately, he knew exactly who to call. 

Melaleuca Responds to the Responders

Aware of Melaleuca’s commitment to law enforcement, its focus on wellness, and the fact that CEO Frank VanderSloot holds six world records in indoor rowing, Lt. Moulton asked if Melaleuca would help. 

Melaleuca answered the Lieutenant’s request by donating Concept 2 rowing machines. With new equipment in place, dozens of officers are now piloting the updated fitness testing program in southeast Idaho. 

“This is a game changer for our state troopers,” Lt. Moulton said. “This pilot test is being examined by several other ISP departments in the state, and we intend to show that indoor rowing is a more effective way to provide fitness testing for officers of any age.”

March 2021 Update: After the other ISP departments reviewed the rowing test, they all agreed that it was a viable alternative and enthusiastically outfitted their facilities with rowing machines. Now, all ISP troopers have the option of performing an indoor row for their fitness test.

“We liked it so much that the state bought rowers for each remaining district,” Moulton said. “Now all our state troopers have the option of an indoor row.”

Frank, Rowing, and the Peak Performance Pack

It’s no secret that Frank has a passion for indoor rowing. Holding multiple world records in indoor rowing, he captured his most recent world title on his 70th birthday, rowing 100 meters in 14.4 seconds. 

VanderSloot credits the Melaleuca Peak Performance Pack for helping him break the record, keeping him younger longer. He has been using Melaleuca supplements and the Peak Performance Pack longer than any other person and believes that’s the reason for his athleticism in these events.