Melaleuca Donation Supports The Idaho Foodbank to Care for Idahoans in Need

The Team Members at Melaleuca are known for being friendly, engaging, and generous. It was no surprise, then, when Team Members rallied raising funds to help families struggling with food insecurity. The opportunity to enhance lives was doubled when The Melaleuca Foundation stepped in, offering a 100% match to employee contributions. This resulted in a total donation of $68,456.

Thanks to their efforts, The Melaleuca Foundation was able to offer a $12,500 donation to The Idaho Foodbank, with other portions of the proceeds going to food distribution partners in Idaho—The Salvation Army in Idaho Falls and the Community Food Basket in Idaho Falls. As a result of this donation, the Idaho Foodbank has purchased 50,000 meals for individuals in need.

Food Donation Volunteers

Feeding the hungry is just one way that Melaleuca and the Melaleuca Foundation demonstrate our mission of enhancing lives,” said Melaleuca President Cole Clinger. “More than ever, too many of our neighbors are struggling to put food on their table, and Melaleuca is pleased to partner with this exceptional nonprofit to help those who are in need, especially during these hard times.”

Since Melaleuca’s beginning in 1985, The Wellness Company’s charitable giving has played a substantial role in stocking food pantries throughout southeast Idaho. Melaleuca’s food donations have been a bolster for families in need, both in times of natural disaster and in times of economic hardships. But there is a lot more to running food pantries than simply providing food. And that is why Melaleuca has further supported local food pantries by purchasing commercial freezers, paying for advertising campaigns to promote regional food drives, and building critical infrastructure for a food storage warehouse.

“We are grateful for the kindness and generosity of Melaleuca employees” said Kia Shaw, Eastern Branch Manager for The Idaho Foodbank. “This donation from employees and the Melaleuca Foundation will make a significant impact in the lives of Idahoans who are facing food insecurity.”