Melaleuca Helps Collect 62 Tons of Food, Buys Baby Supplies and Feeds the Hungry

girl organiinge donations

Over the last few weeks, Melaleuca and its Team Members have been busy giving back to the community by partnering with several nonprofits to help families in need.

Throughout October, Melaleuca paid thousands of dollars to promote several regional food drives, creating public awareness about how to get involved and where to drop off donations. Hundreds of volunteers collected canned food and financial contributions at different locations each Saturday.

As a result of this monthlong advertising campaign and the public’s generosity, the Community Food Basket – Idaho Falls became the benefactor of 129,307 pounds of food. This critical nonprofit will distribute this 65-ton donation to 22 food pantries across the Rocky Mountain region throughout November.

This year marks the third year that Melaleuca has supported the Annual Community Food Drive in this way. It also continues Melaleuca’s 32-year partnership with the Boy Scout of America’s Scouting for Food program, which was one of the nonprofits that partnered in this food collection effort.

Donating Diapers and Baby Supplies

In early November, several musicians in East Idaho came together to hold a fundraiser that bought diapers and infant supplies for families in need. They were responding to an urgent shortage of these basic needs from the food bank.

The Melaleuca Foundation was pleased to serve as one of the fundraiser’s top sponsors by renting the performing arts center, allowing all proceeds from donors attending the musical event to benefit the children. It does not want any family to have to make the tough decision between paying the rent or the utility bills and putting food on the table.

“Diapers are a large expense for families, and they have unfortunately become out of reach for families who are simply trying to make ends meet,” said Ariel Jackson, executive director of the Community Food Basket. “Melaleuca’s support of this fundraiser, which focused purely on helping the littlest members of our community, is appreciated by the many young families who truly need this everyday necessity.”

Buying Turkeys and Groceries for Thanksgiving Banquet The Melaleuca Foundation, along with contributions from Melaleuca’s generous Team Members, partnered with The Salvation Army of Idaho Falls to buy turkeys and other groceries for the annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner.

“We are so thankful for the Melaleuca Foundation’s contribution to the community and specifically to The Salvation Army,” said Captain John Birks, administrator of the Idaho Falls Salvation Army. I can’t emphasize how grateful I am to have a charitable partner in Melaleuca that provides help when there is need.”

Last year, Melaleuca’s donation treated approximately 800 people, including the elderly, the homeless, and the less-fortunate to a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

The donation also paid for meals to be delivered to homebound individuals by 80 volunteers. It also covered the cost of Thanksgiving meals that were distributed at a drive-through option at The Salvation Army.

This all-are-welcome holiday feast is part of an interfaith effort with The Salvation Army, First Presbyterian Church, the Methodist Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.