Melaleuca donation provides power wheelchairs to veterans  

wheelchairs provided for veterans

Melaleuca has made a financial contribution in support of the Veterans Mobility Program, a non-profit organization that refurbishes used electric wheelchairs. As a result this program, veterans who have had a hard time getting around are getting another chance at mobility.

Since the organization began in 2016, the Veterans Mobility Program has donated more than 200 electric wheelchairs to veterans, spouses of veterans, or children of veterans throughout the country. Many more wheelchairs are expected to be donated to disabled veterans in the future.

One Vietnam veteran who received a free wheelchair credited it with restoring his freedom. “I couldn’t get outside and off my porch before, and now I can go almost anywhere I want to. This group provides a great service.”

The organization accepts donated power chairs and uses a team of volunteers to clean and refurbish them. Because the batteries are always the first thing to go bad, each chair receives two new batteries. Melaleuca’s donation will be used to purchase these batteries for numerous wheelchairs.