Police Department Honors Melaleuca with Community Partner Award

Frank VanderSloot recieves Community Partner Award from IFPD

For displaying extraordinary support toward the Idaho Falls Police Department, Chief Bryce Johnson presented the inaugural Idaho Falls Police Community Partner Award to Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot on Oct. 10, 2019.

Chief Johnson related the story when Frank approached the Idaho Falls Police Department in late 2018 and unexpectedly offered free downtown office space, including the maintenance cost of the monthly utilities. As the city’s new police chief, and one who is dealing with a lack of space for his growing police department, the Chief was surprised by Melaleuca’s willingness to support the police department in such a manner.

“Our local police should be heroes to all of us,” Frank says. “Their lives are tough enough without having to work without adequate space and resources. We had some extra space. It’s the least that we could do to make it available to them.”

This award was created in response to Melaleuca’s donation and in the hope of presenting it to other community members for displaying remarkable support. Chief Johnson explained the purpose of the award is to recognize community members who, because of a desire to support the Idaho Falls community, support the furtherance of public safety, police operations, and/or the overall goals and mission of the Idaho Falls Police Department.

“We are grateful to Frank and Melaleuca for recognizing our need and for graciously offering space to help alleviate some of those needs while more permanent options are pursued,” said Chief Johnson.

Several news outlets covered the award ceremony, including East Idaho News, Local News 8, The Post Register, and Idaho Falls Magazine.

Melaleuca supports America’s heroes

Melaleuca has been a supporter of America’s heroes and first responders for many years.

During the summer of 2016, in response to police shootings, Melaleuca bathed the entire exterior of its Global Headquarters in blue. Frank’s comment at the time is reflected in this donation: “We stand solidly behind the police officers across the nation.”

The Wellness Company is responsible for donating health and wellness products to firefighters, law enforcement officials and first responders, particularly during times of natural disaster, as well as making financial contributions to several chapters of the Fraternal Order of Police. It has helped police forces purchase trained dogs, purchase equipment for Search & Rescue teams, and provided support in a variety of other ways.

Shortage of space

The donated office space, which is behind the Melaleuca Product Store in Idaho Falls, is now being occupied by the IFPD’s administrators. The facility has its own entrance on Broadway.

Melaleuca’s donation frees up space at the IFPD’s current police headquarters, which is bursting at the seams, and allows for renovations that will improve the main facility. “While Melaleuca’s donation is not a permanent solution, it is one that allows us to address a few immediate quality of life and operational issues at the department,” said Chief Johnson.