Melaleuca Donates Specialized Equipment to Help Victims of Abuse

Melaleuca is getting involved to ensure victims of sexual abuse receive vital medical care in a timely manner. Last week, The Wellness Company donated $10,800 of specialized camera equipment to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center in Idaho so medical staff can conduct forensic nursing examinations for assault victims.

Equipped with the newly-installed, high-tech EVA camera systems, nurse practitioners can now administer examinations at any of the Center’s four locations. Before the donation, forensic imaging equipment was only available at two locations, which sometimes meant victims had to spend time waiting for an exam during a very traumatic and difficult time.

forensic camera donated by Melaleuca

“These are very high tech cameras,” said Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot. “They’re designed for a special purpose and are only used by nurses that are trained to do this kind of forensic work.”

The EVA devices are sophisticated video systems that combine the capabilities of a video colposcope and a digital camera to enable full body and external body cavity image and video capture.  Because of the camera system’s unobtrusive design and easy-to-use software, clinical teams can better focus their attention on the patient, instead of the equipment, while ensuring a swift and sensitive evidence collection process. The camera equipment is also capable of quickly delivering forensic information to law enforcement through a built-in, secure, case-sharing feature.

Paying it forward

Melaleuca’s donation was delivered as part of Frank VanderSloot’s participation in the Idaho CEO Pay it Forward Challenge, which encourages CEOs to do something special that recognizes local nonprofit organizations serving the people of Idaho.  

“I’m usually not left speechless, but when I learned that Mr. VanderSloot had chosen us . . . and was donating not just one but two of these cameras, . . . it was just an amazing feeling,” Executive Director of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center Teena McBride said in an East Idaho News interview. “It was just like, ‘Wow. That is so awesome.’”