Melaleuca Provides Disaster Relief in California, Mississippi, Arkansas 

Homes destroyed by natural a disaster and 3 vehicles around the destroyed houses.

In March and April, Melaleuca helped thousands of Americans impacted by natural disasters across the United States. 

Working with the Melaleuca Foundation and Marketing Executives, Melaleuca responded to a series of tornadoes that ripped through the Southeast and Midwest, severely damaging several cities in Mississippi and Arkansas. These extreme storms and twisters claimed dozens of lives and leveled thousands of homes and buildings. 

Melaleuca also mobilized after massive floods caused tens of thousands to evacuate homes in central California. Intense rainfall caused widespread flooding and mudslides and breached levees from December through March.  

The American Red Cross of Greater Idaho recognized Melaleuca’s charitable giving on a Facebook post on April 13, 2023. Here is what they posted: 

“THANKFUL THURSDAY: We would like to recognize our partners at Melaleuca for lending a hand after a series of recent disasters including Hurricane Ian in Florida, severe California flooding, and the devastating tornadoes throughout the Midwest and South. Melaleuca stepped up by donating pallets of snack bars that Red Cross is distributing in impacted communities.  

“‘It’s partners like Melaleuca that allow us to respond quickly with the right resources when they’re needed most,’ said Sirak Irwin, the CEO of the Red Cross of Idaho, Montana and East Oregon. ‘Again and again, Melaleuca stands beside the Red Cross of Idaho during times of disaster. They have made a difference in countless lives, and we truly appreciate their support.’” 

Melaleuca Enlists Help of Marketing Executives Near Rolling Fork and Amory, Mississippi

Following a series of tornadoes that hit Mississippi with maximum winds of 170 mph, Melaleuca partnered with National Director Chelsie Gilbert and Executive Director Susan Smith to assist the hard-hit communities of Rolling Fork and Amory, Mississippi. Although both leaders live approximately two hours away from the worst-hit zones, they wanted to help. Working together, we quickly identified the most pressing needs before air shipping approximately $5,000 worth of supplies. Melaleuca donated Koala Kubs Baby Wipes, Koala Kubs Baby Diaper Rash Cream, travel-size Gold Bars, Tooth Polish, MelaMagic Wipes, Sol-U-Guard Botanical Wipes, and Simply Fit Protein Bars. 

two women unloading the trunk of a black vehicle, disaster relief.
Executive Director Susan Smith and customer Danielle Warford bring donated Melaleuca products to the First Baptist Church in Amory, Mississippi after a devastating tornado.

Once these supplies were delivered, Chelsie and Susan divided them up and distributed them to local nonprofit organizations. Chelsie brought products to the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi in Rolling Fork while Susan gave products to the First Baptist Church in Amory. Both nonprofits quickly distributed these relief supplies to families who had lost everything.  

“I have heard about the Melaleuca Foundation being there for people in times of need, but to watch it firsthand was an incredible experience,” said Gilbert. “It was amazing to witness the heart of the Melaleuca Foundation and see their motivation was simply to help people. Not because they wanted recognition, but because they cared. In lightning time, boxes and boxes and boxes of supplies arrived to be donated. I couldn’t stop crying hearing of how appreciative the people were and how much of a difference the products made to them.”

Feeding the Hungry after Tornados Hit Little Rock, Arkansas

Just a few days later, Melaleuca donated $30,000 of Simply Fit products to help families reeling from the destruction caused by tornados that hit Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, Alabama, and Missouri on March 31, 2023. These devastating storms and catastrophic tornadoes left 21 dead and injured at least 600 people in these states.

Because of Melaleuca’s consistent involvement with disaster recovery, the American Red Cross requested our assistance. They saw that area shelters were running low on supplies due to the widespread destruction, and they desperately needed an organization to provide healthy snack bars for families staying in the temporary shelters. Of course, Melaleuca was willing to step up. 

After our truck delivered pallets of food to a large Red Cross warehouse near Little Rock, this donation was dispersed to shelters across this six-state region. Red Cross officials reported that some items from our timely donation served the citizens of Little Rock and the surrounding towns that took a direct hit from the powerful twister.

Many of these shelters serve as community hubs where people can get a meal and receive assistance even if they are staying with friends and family. 

The Foundation Partners with American Red Cross to Help California

homes and leafless trees in the middle of water during flooding.

In response to devastating flooding across central California, the American Red Cross also reached out to Melaleuca, requesting our support for those who had suffered losses. They required high-quality, healthy snacks to supplement their existing supplies for individuals staying in the shelters. Melaleuca was happy to take action, quickly packing and shipping $30,000 worth of Simply Fit Protein Bars for distribution to people in the shelters. 

But our impact reached far beyond those staying there. The American Red Cross used their large emergency response vehicles (ERVs) to distribute Melaleuca products to victims and volunteers actively working on recovery efforts in the community. This allowed Melaleuca products to be given out throughout the communities, nourishing those who are working to repair the damage. 

The Melaleuca Foundation actually sponsored an ERV for the American Red Cross in 2020.  

two Red Cross vehicles in front of the Melaleuca Headquarters buildings.

We did so because this specialized emergency response vehicle delivers much-needed supplies to families impacted by natural disasters across the country, and it is a physical representation of the Melaleuca Foundation’s mission of doing good where good is needed.