Hundreds of Melaleuca Employees Volunteer for River Walk Cleanup

Melaleuca Employee team volunteering at local river walk

Melaleuca employees recently rolled up their sleeves and gathered along the banks of the Snake River near downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho, to breathe new life into the area. In the spirit of community service, and after a few hours of tireless work, roughly 300 Melaleuca Team Members had accomplished the largest service project in the city’s history.

Melaleuca has long been committed to protecting the environment, and that extends far beyond creating and manufacturing safe, eco-friendly products that reduce water waste and fuel consumption. It also means going out into the community to enhance lives and do good wherever it is needed. With this service project, Melaleuca demonstrated that commitment, and the company encourages other organizations to reach out in their own communities and enhance lives.

The effort covered an estimated two-and-a-half miles on both sides of the Snake River, reported East Idaho News. The work included pruning overgrowth for better views of the river, picking up debris and participating in other landscaping projects.

“Revitalizing the Idaho Falls River Walk was a rewarding service project for our Melaleuca Team Members, who gladly participated in the work because of its significance to our community,” said Melaleuca CEO Jerry Felton. “Not only did this volunteer effort bring our Team Members closer together in the spirit of service, but it also enhances the lives of thousands of visitors who frequently get out in nature to enjoy this beautiful resource.”

All told, Melaleuca Team Members accumulated over 1,000 hours of service. Thanks to their dedicated labors, over 40 heavy-duty dump trailers of debris were filled and hauled away over the next few days, leaving behind a clean and inviting landscape. 

“It was great to see the excitement and energy from everyone, including our partners with the City of Idaho Falls and the Parks and Recreation Department,” said Melaleuca Vice President of Human Resources Jamie Reynolds. “Our Team Members appreciated the opportunity to volunteer during the workday, and they came ready to work just as passionately as they do within our own facilities.”

Melaleuca employees clearing out weeds along local river walk

The City of Idaho Falls’ Parks & Recreation department was especially appreciative, noting that the massive project had been on their to-do list for several years but that they simply had not had the workforce to tackle it.  

“We’ve never had such a large volunteer group in our city’s history,” said Renee Buchan, marketing and volunteer coordinator at the City of Idaho Falls. “Our community is appreciative of the Melaleuca organization and their willingness to undertake this large-scale service project. The enthusiasm of their volunteers was electric.” 

To pull off this substantial project, Melaleuca partnered up with the Parks & Recreation department, which needed to pull nearly all their employees away from other jobs, such as working at the cemeteries or doing maintenance projects. Many of the city employees drove dump trailers and used chainsaws to clear some of the overgrown willows from the riverbank.

“I’m so glad Melaleuca gave all of us an opportunity to get out and serve our community today,” said Dave Childs, VP of marketing communications. “My family loves the River Walk. It’s our favorite running path. The cleanup wasn’t easy, but the area looks great now. The teamwork made for a lot of progress really fast.”

Several community members stopped on the River Walk trail to thank the volunteers for their efforts. They pointed out this landscaping work now provided better views of the river, offered greater access to the river and improved pedestrian safety.

Melaleuca employees loading debris unto a truck from local river walk service project

The River Walk is one of Idaho Falls’ most distinct assets, consisting of a beautiful paved walking area along the east and west sides of the Snake River. Located near the city’s historic downtown, the River Walk has been a gathering hub for decades. Visitors come to the River Walk to relax, enjoy nature and wildlife, participate in walking groups, walk dogs, jog, skateboard or rollerblade.

As an active community member, Melaleuca has long been a supporter of rejuvenation projects for the River Walk. Melaleuca and its Team Members have been some of the largest donors to the Idaho Falls Rotary Club, which has generated millions of dollars to fund River Walk beautification over several decades.

Melaleuca employees cleaning up local river walk