Melaleuca-sponsored awareness campaigns bring in 78 tons of food for the hungry

In October 2020, when food bank officials sounded the alarm about the doubling of the number of families lining up for assistance, Melaleuca sprang into action by sponsoring two awareness campaigns for food drives throughout southeast Idaho. It also held doubled down on these efforts by raising funds and holding its own food drive to help the hungry.

The results of these two food drives brought in more than 78 tons of food, helping thousands of struggling families. Equally important, because these food drives received Melaleuca’s full support in reaching out to the public, they were not only able to exceed the goals of food bank officials, but they also successfully filled up nearly every single inch of several food warehouses.

The two separate food drives were led by an interfaith group named Just Serve, as well as The Grand Teton Council’s Boy Scouts of America.

Melaleuca’s two awareness campaigns, developed and managed by the company’s communications staff, flooded the airways with radio announcements and hit the internet with targeted digital messaging. As a resultcommunity members mobilized with a generous outpouring of donations, culminating in back-to-back food drives that surpassed all expectations.

Community Food Basket Executive Director Ariel Jackson noted that the food drives filled the warehouse more than she’s ever seen during her tenure with the organization.

“These food drives were record-setters and couldn’t have come at a better time,” Jackson said. “It’s because of the innovative way that Melaleuca contributed by creating wide-spread attention that these food drives were successful. We’re fortunate to have a partner like Melaleuca who amplified this message so people knew about the need and responded so quickly.”

An overwhelming response

The combined goal of both food drives was to collect 60 tons of food to help the Community Food Basket through the holidays and beyond. Yet, with the help of the Melaleuca-sponsored awareness campaigns and the overwhelming response of generous Idahoans, the food drives exceeded that goal by 30 percent, tipping the scale with 78.5 tons of donated food.

“This is a great day,” said Just Serve food drive organizer Launie Shelman. “Our community is coming together and helping feed the hungry. We need to lift where we stand, and now is the time to lift.”

Stepping up during a tough year

Sponsoring these regional food drives is just one example of The Wellness Company stepping up to fight hunger during a particularly tough year when food security challenges are at an all-time high.

In December 2020, Melaleuca also held its annual food drive, where it collected nearly $10,000 and filled several pallets with boxes of food to help less-fortunate families throughout Idaho.