Finding Jonathan a Family: How the Melaleuca Foundation Helped One Little Boy Get Adopted


Before leaving the Santa Lucia Children’s Home with his newly adopted family, Jonathan Luis* had one important stop to make. He needed to thank the orphanage’s adoption lawyer who had worked so tirelessly for seven years to help him find a forever family. “When I grow up I want to be just like you,” Jonathan […]

A Journey of Smiles – A Visit to Santa Lucia Children’s Home

AS LONGTIME SUPPORTERS OF THE MELALEUCA FOUNDATION, we have a place in our hearts for children of Ecuador who need a steady home and unconditional love. This past February, we traveled to Quito, Ecuador, to visit the Santa Lucia Children’s Home and see firsthand how our donations have changed the lives of so many deserving […]

A Girl With No Name


A terrified little girl arrived at the Santa Lucia Children’s Home on a dark January night. Too young to speak, she couldn’t tell the nuns how she had been abandoned in the bathroom of a billiards hall. She had no family. She had no name. And there was no way to know what her past held. But one thing was certain—her future held hope.

Hope Restored: Brothers Luis and Josué Ángel


Every child in the Santa Lucía Children’s Home has a heartbreaking past. They come from unfortunate situations and broken homes. Arriving under the age of 8, many of these children witnessed abuse, neglect, alcoholism, drug addiction or prostitution before being placed in a new environment. Fortunately, these children arrive at the welcoming door of tender […]

Volunteer Stories

Volunteers at the Santa Lucia Children’s Home wrote letters to Melaleuca and shared their thoughts about the children.