A Special Cause: The Santa Lucia Children’s Home

siblingsIn Quito, Ecuador, there is an orphanage called the Santa Lucia Children’s Home. It is a clean, peaceful place. The children here have love and care that many other orphan children do not. The Melaleuca Foundation has become the sole supporter of this orphanage. Everything the children need—food, clothing, medical care—is provided by the Foundation through the generosity of its members.

In return, the Santa Lucia Children’s Home provides a valuable example to the world. Here, children are placed in separate family groups, where older children can mentor the younger ones, and together build close relationships and feel loved and needed. They have their own living spaces. Volunteer mothers even watch over each family group.

Many children have been nourished by this family model at the Santa Lucia Children’s Home. The Melaleuca Foundation has the vision of duplicating this model in other orphanages around the world, so thousands more orphan children can benefit from it.

We invite you to contribute to the Melaleuca Foundation for the support of the Santa Lucia Children’s Home. Every dollar you donate will be used to pay for the children’s many needs.



“I believe in the Santa Lucia Children’s Home. I have been there and worked closely with those who oversee it. I’ve been impressed by how happy the children are. It’s the best example I’ve seen of an orphanage where children feel loved and belong to a family.

frank-and-kidsThese children have food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. They have volunteer mothers watching over them. They have a dedicated staff and many kind volunteers to care for them. Most importantly, they have friendship, love, support, and hope. And now they have Melaleuca.”

Frank L. VanderSloot
President and CEO, Melaleuca